The rise of casino related tourism

Las Vegas has long had a reputation as a place where people go to gamble but it’s now trying to move beyond its gambling only image and attract a whole sweep of new people to com e and visit. From couples to groups of friends and even family trips, Las Vegas is trying to prove that there’s much more to Nevada’s biggest tourist destination than just the rows of casinos that line the strip.

If you’re not a regular casino visitor, then you might not be aware that Las Vegas is far from the only city in the world that has built its reputation on a relaxed approach to gambling and adult indulgences. Macau, the former Portuguese colony just off Hong Kong, has worked to become the ‘Las Vegas of Asia’ by overseeing the mother and father of all casino booms. What is it that attracts cities to this model and why are they trying to diversify beyond their gambling base?

The answer to the second question can be found online. Now that a large number of people can play any slot machine or casino card table game from the comfort of their own home, why should they bother travelling for several thousand miles just to sit in a casino? The answer is that they wouldn’t, and cities like Las Vegas need to offer a far more rounded experience in order to continue to attract tourists. Las Vegas is a long journey from areas where most people live, and the majority of visitors will be looking for something to keep them occupied for more than a day or two when they decide to pop by.

The second answer is that only so many people are interested in gambling. By creating theme parks, great elating experiences and a whole range of other things, places like Vegas and Macau can attract groups of travellers and families, which are well known to be a lucrative part of the tourism market.

Gambling will always be a key part of Las Vegas’ DNA but it’s liege surprise that the city is trying to diversify as it grows.