Interesting facts about casinos

Casinos are a place that people go to gamble, enjoy each other’s company, win money, drink, eat and be merry. Casinos have long played an important and prominent role in many cultures and economies from the US all the way to Malta. Beyond the lights and the glitz, there is a lot of interesting and rich history. Here are some interesting facts about casinos that you may not know:

  • The man who invented the beautiful creation that we all currently know as the sandwich came up with his cutlery free idea for a meal while he was in the middle of a long gambling streak. John Montagu (the Earl of Sandwich) asked for a meal that would not interrupt his gaming so his clever chef and food prep team came up with the idea of grilling two pieces of bread and putting meat in between. Et voila! That is all it took to get to the idea of the sandwich.
  • You don’t have to throw a fit (or a fist) to get banned from a casino in several places, including a number of US states. If you feel you have a problem with or an addiction to gambling, you can ban yourself from a casino. This makes illegal for you to step foot on the premises and gamble and mitigates the risk of your problem or addiction being fed or getting worse/ overbearing. There are forms you have to fill out but it is not totally unheard of to enact this strategy.
  • The first slot machine was not found in a casino, actually not even close. The first ever slot machine was invented by a mechanic who came up with the idea in order to make his customers’ time more enjoyable as they waited for their cars to be repaired. He also made money off of this machine as customers did have to use real coins to operate and play the machine. Today, slots are found namely in casinos but can also still be found elsewhere for the enjoyment of players in restaurants, malls, bars, etc.