Which countries are online casinos most popular in?

Governments around the world have taken highly divergent approaches when it comes to regulating online casinos. Some, such as South Korea, have tried to make it almost impossible for their own citizens to access them whilst still attempting to profit from the large revenues that online gambling operations can bring in. Other countries, particularly those in the European Union, have taken much more relaxed approaches to online gaming. In many cases, online gambling has emerged as a popular form of play at around the same moment as these countries were regulating gambling in casinos and bookmakers.

It therefore shouldn’t be surprising that the countries where online gaming is most popular, at least according to the figures there are publicly available, are those that have taken a liberal approach to their online gaming laws. This means the UK and Canada, where many online casinos are based, have a lions’ share of the online gambling population. Interestingly, Australia, where physical casinos have been hugely popular for years (a night at the casino has been one of the most popular social activities in Australia for many decades), has not taken to online gaming as quickly as some other countries but this may be related to the generally poor quality internet infrastructure that is in place there.

The US is an interesting case when it comes to the popularity of online gaming since control of the laws that surround it are generally in the hands of individual states rather than the Federal government. Washington has recently shown some signs that it would like to take a more direct role when it comes to controlling the way that online casinos operate in the country but it is likely that any attempt to impose tighter regulation than that already put in place by individual states will lead to years of court action before anything actually happens.

Online gambling is starting to grow in popularity around the worlds and this pattern is only likely to continue over the coming years. it will be interesting to see where the next gaming hotspots turn out to be